When Consider a Custom Linear Bearing

Each application is a little bit different. For every load that can be perfectly supported by a stock bearing, there are others that require a customized solution. A project may involve specialized environments, extreme performance demands, tight scheduling, and more. Let’s focus on some of the techniques engineers can use to achieve the system characteristics they want.

In some cases, the need for customization is obvious. Vacuum applications, for example, need special consideration for contamination control. In other cases, the need to move beyond stock products only becomes apparent after prototyping.

Most of the conversations that we have with people about customization occur when they’re developing a new product and building their first unit. They may have empirically discovered some undesirable characteristic in their system such as excess vibration or a structural element that leans enough to act as an overhung load. Modeling is important, but you can’t really guess what’s going to happen with a high degree of accuracy until you build the system.

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