The peashooter nail driver, the carpentry tool that should not be missing in any home

For all carpenters or fanatics of the woodwork, which are well done and with excellent finishes, it is necessary to have a good tool that provides the advantages required to obtain impeccable results. That is why the Big Foot Tools professionals have created a pea shooter tool sale , which has all the qualities to get a quality job without details. They are simple tools to use, so they can be used at home or in a production workshop.

A peashooter nail driver is a tool that has the property of reaching places, which for a hammer is not easy to access. This Pea Shooter can enter narrow and impenetrable sites, without any difficulty. It has another feature that cannot be ignored because with it you can reach high places, without effort and without the help of stairs, which implies that the person performs the work from the floor, increasing efficiency. It is easy to handle and very light tool, it has two presentations, one of 24 “and another of 36” with all the accessories. It has a handle that is easy to grip and for its protection is covered in zinc, which does not allow it to oxidize. Another advantage is that the tip ends in a round shape and this prevents fungi from being created. In addition, the entire peashooter nailer is manufactured in the United States, with which you have access to spare parts and services. Its function is basically to discard the heads of the nails and leave them at the level of the wood, without damaging it or making marks, which would normally be left when using a hammer. This Pea Shooter moves on the head of the nail and hits to get the head is in place. Likewise, we sell saws with all the accessories, head cutters, handles and a great variety of design tools. To know our prices without competition and products

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